On Sunday our hostel has rounded off the summer season for this year.

We started to operate on the 1st of July and up until this point we had guests from over 30 different countries staying with us!


The very last night that the guests will be able to stay at our place is the coming Sunday. Afterwards, the hostel will again serve its primal funtion, which is that of a dormitory.


The reception of Hostel Pri Janezu is well equipped with all sorts of information about Ljubljana, the surrounding area and Slovenia in general.

Its kind staff is more than willing to help you, so don't be a stranger!


Guests from as far as Sri Lanka, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Peru and Malaysia have visited us and were impressed by the pleasant atmosphere and the friendly prices!
Many guests who were staying at our hostel said the feeling they had when being here was very pleasant. Clean rooms, nutritious breakfast, friendly staff.


If you are searching for a nice gift for your friend or a souvenir to take home, we can help with that!


It's been three weeks since we're open and we've already had guests from all over the globe! 

global village

Not only are we happy of human guests, we are also open towards hosting your pets!

One of them is our permanent guest - meet Nero, chilling at the reception.


Spread the word!

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Those who were staying at our hostel last year, know about a special treat that our kitchen staff is preparing every morning. With our guests in mind, knowing that they need energy for their journey.

slovenian breakfast

On July the 1st our unique Hostel Pri Janezu has opened its doors to guest from all around the globe for the third year in a row!

What is it that makes it unique?

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Hostel pri Janezu has closed its doors for travellers until the next summer and will again host children of the Special education centre Janez Levec Ljubljana for the whole school year.
Thanks to everyone who visited us and we hope to see you again next year if the road takes you back to Ljubljana

Janez Levec Center`s building is rearranged from student house into a real Hostel. A story that began last year will get its sequel this summer. Rooms are being prepared for all travelers and visitors who require appropriated accommodation.

Hostel pri Janezu will open its doors on the 7th of July and will stay open until the 17th of August 2014.

The mighty building in the centre of Ljubljana, located on 18, Karlovška Street has been giving shelter to primary and high school students with special needs for over 100 years. From the end of June, at the start of summer holidays when the children and youngsters return to their primal families, the Dorm with its playground and park stays empty and no more of the youngsters' hustle can be heard. This year, for the first time ever, we have decided to open our doors for the visitors of Ljubljana who are in need of accommodation and a pleasant environment. Between the 7th of July and the 17th of August the Dorm will be transformed into a hostel that was given the name Hostel  pri Janezu.

The hostel is located in the center of Ljubljana, below the castle hill. Most of the main touristic sights are located within a walking distance of 10 minutes. The main market place, Ljubljana's castle, the Cathedral, City hall, The Three bridges, Prešeren Square and the Congress Square can all be reached on foot. Despite its central location, the hostel is remote enough to enable our guests the chance to enjoy the shadows of our trees in the park or relax, using the sports facilities in front of the hostel. The painted walls and the rainbow pictures, created by our children and youngsters bring warmth and domesticity of its spaces.