Janez Levec Center`s building is rearranged from student house into a real Hostel. A story that began last year will get its sequel this summer. Rooms are being prepared for all travelers and visitors who require appropriated accommodation.

Hostel is located in the center of Ljubljana, below the castle hill. Despite the location which is near the center of Ljubljana hostel is placed in a quiet surroundings where you can relax after a busy day and enjoy the cool shade under a canopy of trees.

Another distinctive feature ofthe hostel that makes it special and distinctive from all others  are the youngsters with special needs who work there as part of their summer jobs. With a smile on their face they will greet every guest and make sure that our visitors will feel most comfortable.

The magic of the fairy world in the hostel will definitely touch all the guests who will stop here and it is our hope that they will come back once again in the future.

Hostel will be open until 23th of August.