On Sunday our hostel has rounded off the summer season for this year.

We started to operate on the 1st of July and up until this point we had guests from over 30 different countries staying with us!



The majority were British, German and French. And there was a large number of those coming from Australia!

Unsurprisingly, we had a greater number of those from Italy in Spain staying at the hostel in August.

Now it is time for different challenges; youngsters and staff are returning to schools, while others will be busy cleaning the hostel's premises and changing it back to a dormitory.

However, we are all grateful for each and evey guest picking us as his travel partner and look forward to yet another season.

We thank you for the many kind responses, such as the one below. It gives us the affirmation that we are on the right path and the motivation to keep going!

See you in the summer of 2017!