The team of Hostel pri Janezu:

NikNik Ovsenek
My name is Nik and I am a second year high-school student of administration in Ljubljana. I love spending my free time writing songs and do computer work which remains my favourite leisure activity of all. However, I find interest in many other things, as well. I am a friendly, talkative and adaptive person of an open type who is always ready to listen. I find great interest in people of similar hobbies. I am a positive thinker with a sense of humor which is an important part of my life. I am proud of my achievements on different areas of my life which brings me joy and gives me hope that I have managed to leave a mark for people to remember me by.

AndrejaAndreja Cerar
My name is Andreja and I come from Kamnik. During the week I live in the dorm and go to the Biotechnical high school. When I am finished with my education, I will become a confectioner so that I will be able to spoil you will all the best desserts. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors in the nature where I like to run or stay in the sun. I also like to draw and listen to music.

ČazimČazim Zukič
My name is Čazim and I come from Ljubljana. I like to spend my free time with my friends, meeting new people, walking around or driving with buses. But most of all I enjoy washing cars. When I grow up I'd like to own my own car wash.


Organizer: Irena Nose, BA in Social Pedagogy